Seven Ravens Eco Forestry and Permaculture Farm is inspired and nurtured by its owner/operator Michael Nickels and his wife Heidi. Over the last 20 years Michael has initiated similar projects internationally in Kenya, South Africa, China, Mexico and Guatemala as well as here in British Columbia. The holistic approach to forestry and food sustainability is a way to move forward into the future, supporting ecosystems and people around the globe.

A tour through the permaculture gardens will bewilder and amaze you as to how many different species can grow in the same area. Take a forest tour and see the hope and inspiration the land can offer by maximizing economic opportunities from the resources available. While visiting you will view an array of wood products including flooring, furniture and a timber frame building. The two tree nurseries offer a large selection of multi-purpose trees for all aspects of permaculture and forestry. Come, learn and be engrossed in another way of supporting a more sustainable planet.