Over the years, Michael has offered his skill to many by way of consulting. His ability to assess the problems, see solutions and opportunities at many sites, takes him around Canada and the world. He has worked with individuals, organizations and communities, trying to improve their environments through restoring degraded land, teaching rainwater harvesting techniques, providing forest installations and creating food security.

Michael became interested in the environment and sustainability early in life. After finishing high school, Michael spent a year traveling around the world and became fascinated with farming. Eager to learn more, he studied agriculture at the University of Guelph.

Michael planted trees during the summer months to put himself through school . He was however, frustrated by the devastating practices of forest management that he saw throughout Canada. Michael was convinced that there was a

better way of managing forests. In 1988 he started to prove that, by managing his forest at Seven Ravens Farm, based on ecoforestry principals.Today the forest at Seven Ravens Farm is a living model of a vibrant ecoforest operation that respects and nurtures the forest whilst being a sound, ethical and profitable business.Over the last 20 years Michael has researched ecoforestry and permaculture extensively and has come up with solutions to optimizing the lands potential here on Salt Spring Island and around the world.Michael’s conviction that there is a solution to most land degradation issues leads him back to Africa year after year. Having planted 7 million trees And Counting…Michael works with organizations and communities to implement community education gardens and tree nurseries. These projects focus on teaching permaculture and its principles while also supplying hundreds of AIDS sufferers with nutritious fruits and vegetables.