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    Permaculture Academy

    Since 1988, Seven Ravens Farm has been run as a Permaculture Farm and Eco Forest. Over the years we've brought our learnings as far away as Kenya and China, helping others to better understand the true power of the land that they steward.

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    Hand Crafted

    Built for generations, our furniture is hand crafted to suit any style. Selections of locally sourced, sustainably harvested, BC woods such as cedar, maple, fir, alder and more.

    A timeless piece of well made wooden furniture, as beautiful as it is functional, will be passed on with pride for generations.

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    Creating healthy sustainable eco-systems for the future is our highest priority, whether it is here on Salt Spring, the school grounds in Butula Kenya or the mountainous communities in north central Mexico. The Seven Ravens team offers the skills to support any projects that you might need to have done anywhere in the world!

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    Wood Products

    BC wood, sustainably harvested from our own wood lot. Choose from cedar, fir, alder, maple and more.

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    Eco Forestry

    Our beautiful forest is an incredible example of what a healthy forest should look like. Multiple age groups of a large variety of trees make our forest one of the most diverse in B.C. We work with nature to support this incredibly rich eco-system enhancing its life force.

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    Permaculture Farm

    At home on our 38 acre Permaculture Farm, growing in harmony with the land is our priority. Our food feeds the farm community as well as supplying many types of fruit and vegetables to local establishments. Nurturing others and ourselves with quality home grown food is an essential part of the permaculture life style.

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    Permaculture BC

    Looking for shorter courses on permaculture? Our Friends at Permaculture BC offer 3 hour to 3 week courses that aim to fit a working person's schedule. Be it food forestry, urban farming, or propagation Permaculture BC brings the very best in experienced instructors to meet the needs of students to know and apply these new skills for happier, healthier and wealthier lives.


At Seven Ravens, we offer refreshing interactive courses that focus on the positive power of Permaculture and Eco forestry. Practicing permaculture throughout the world has given us an overview of the incredible challenges that face this planet and how to turn problems into flourishing solutions that empower communities. Training those who wish to teach permaculture is our passion.

In our courses we teach the interconnectedness of all aspects of a healthy, functioning eco system. Covering forest and nursery management, rainwater harvesting, pond systems, fruit and nut growing, perennial and annual gardens, farm business management, land restoration, value adding, alternative energy and implementing these practices in the developing world.