Welcome to Seven Ravens — design solutions for a greener, healther, more vibrant, sustaining world.

We offer consulting services to develop regenerative, self sustaining frameworks where people, the environment and communities can thrive with abundance and joy.

Michael and Heidi are partners with a combined 50 years of experience who design homes, landscapes, and permaculture systems for families, schools, communities and businesses.

Are you looking to enhance your home, land, business, community or non-profit with  food gardens, edible landscapes, sustainable forestry, water harvesting and renewable energy systems?

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Design For (Re)Generations

Envisioning the Future:

We offer professional Consulting Services across North America and around the world, embracing principals of regenerative design, diversity and fair trade.

Permaculture Consulting

Michael, Heidi, and their team offer a specialized Permaculture Consulting to help maximize the economic and ecological potential of any landscape, from small homesteads to large scale forestry management, encompassing projects as diverse as industrial land reclamation to projects fostering school-based community food sustainability. Our designs aim to continuously enhance the productivity, biodiversity, and health of land and water.


Michael Nickels

Michael has been passionate about the environment since he was a child. He began working on farms at 16 years old and planting trees at 18. In his early 20’s Michael graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in Agriculture. He then began working around the world advocating for the environment and helping people improve their livelihoods through Permaculture.


Over the last 30 years Michael has focused his attention and expertise towards food and water sustainability for communities including years of work in East Africa empowering youth and teachers building adjacency through hands on installations of gardens, tree nurseries and water harvesting systems.  Read more >>


“Michael Nickels and his crew are the most organized, highly skilled, results-producing crew I have ever had the honor of working with in the area of permaculture. Eating healthy, fully organic home grown food is priceless and will have ripple effects for many, many decades to come!”

Mark Holland

Project Manager

"Michael’s work in Canada and Africa has inspired countless people including myself to continue in his footsteps of creating an environmentally and socially just world to inhabit full of trees, food forests, abundant water, healthy soils and happy people. He is a dedicated, passionate teacher who’s mastery of permaculture and sincere enthusiasm can’t help but transform anybody in his presence."

MP Bilodeau


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