Permaculture Consulting


Permacluture Design and Installations:

Transforming land for food and water security and economic opportunities.


Michael and his team have consulted on permaculture design projects and installations across the globe. Clients range from individual home owners, beginner farmers, growing farm businesses, communities, government sector, NGOs and multinational corporations.

Projects have included land rehabilitation, increasing regional indigenous biodiversity, reforestation, rainwater harvesting, pond development, swale network design, market gardens, kitchen gardens, organic seed farms, tree nurseries, fruit & nut orchards, food forests, vermicompost & composting, livestock infrastructure & husbandry, hydro electric infrastructure, solar power, and gravity fed irrigation.


Michael teaching permaculture principals to African schoolchildren.


"Michael sacrifice and triumphs at teaching and spreading Permaculture in Africa through the years leaves a powerful impact. The most fitting gift we can offer you is to renew our resolve to your work and mission and lead a Permacultural Revolution in Africa.''


St. Jude Life Skills Education Centre

Staff Member

"As a school teacher in Kenya, I knew nothing about farming and ecological footprints when I met Michael over a decade ago. The transformative knowledge I have learned though Michael's actions and teaching, have impacted thousands of people, including school children, teachers, parents, community leaders, government agencies, churches and families across East Africa with such a huge ripple effect on practical food sovereignty, regeneration and reparation of our degraded landscapes."

Josephat Barasa

East Africa Team Project co-ordinator

Michael’s work in Canada and Africa has inspired countless people including myself to continue in his footsteps of creating an environmentally and socially just world to inhabit full of trees, food forests, abundant water, healthy soils and happy people. He is a dedicated, passionate teacher who’s mastery of permaculture and sincere enthusiasm can’t help but transform anybody in his presence. 

MP Bilodeau


"Working with Michael on the development of my pond was a truly enjoyable experience. 
Michael was extremely knowledgeable about the exact placement( for optimum water retention )of the pond and how to best work with what was already there to keep our beautiful property as natural as we found it. One of the  deciding points to work with Michael on the project was his suggestion for and consequent construction of “Hügel Kulturs” 
This technique utilizes all the left over organic matter such as trees ,branches and grasses ,covered by peat and excavated earth to create fertile ground for a future orchard. Michael worked tirelessly until the project was completed last November. 
We are extremely happy with the result and are looking forward to enjoying the pond with an awesome deck and our yet to be planted orchard for years to come."

Patricia Viel

Salt Spring Land Owner


Imagine walking through your land or project site with Michael envisioning and designing your open landscape canvas to transform what you have into a thriving healthy productive project that provides you with food, water and economic opportunities to sustain you, your family and community.

Whatever your landscape, whether open, dry and depleted or overgrown and neglected Michael and his team are there to assist you to transform your land into a thriving, healthy and bountiful project.